Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Hello again. I honestly don't know what I plan on working on recently. My mind is exploding with new, laregly inexplicable ideas and concepts for games, and other entertainment works. Let me just give an overview of what I'm working on now-

A number of games, including Harry Bones, Stranded Astronaut, ROT13, One Night In The Cave, Organic Mass Over Seattle and Ghost Machine.
Games I'm currently planning- Corpse City, Wall04

I'm also working on an album for my musical project/band Speedrun Facelift, which I hope to record the vocals for and release as soon as I have the opportunity.

I honestly can't tell you when anything is going to be out other than One Night In The Cave, which I began work on last night and hopefully shall release today. It's a short little horror game which should hopefully turn out well.

I think I worked out why I like games so much over other forms of entertainment. My mind, as I see it, is a constantly changing mosaic of sound, ideas, visions, colour, noise, narrative and emotion. As interesting as it is in here, it makes it rather hard to properly focus on any one thing, other than, as it turns out, video games. I believe they and I click so well because they blend together all the varying things going on in my head into one experience which I can immerse myself in, giving all the different parts of my brain trying to do differeng things something to focus on at once, something that no other form of media really does. Perhaps that's why for most of my life I've shared such a connection with them.

Then again perhaps not, but it's just an idea.

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