Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New Projects

Working on a couple of fairly exiting projects at the moment. The first is After The Storm, a metroidvania (aren't they all now?) about a pirate sent forwards in time 1000 years to a post apocalyptic world, trying to find a way home.
The second, and more exiting from a technical perspective, is Corpse City. This one's a run n gun zombie shooter with a massive twist- the entire game map is procedurally generated, allowing near infinite variety and replayability if I can get it right.
Progress on both is good, and the early parts of Corpse City have been created, making a very basic procedural cityscape and randomly located zombies. More design needs doing on After the Storm, but I'm really loving the direction it's going in, in my head at least. Nothing to show you I'm afraid, but through I'd do an update anyway.

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