Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Doing stuff but without a lot to show for it

Hi guys
Been ages since my last update. I've been doing a whole bunch of different things but haven't finished any projects. Mostly I've been experimenting with new techniques and mechanics, in particular I've been playing around with 3D and Multiplayer. I've also checked out a whole bunch of other engines and develeopment programs but have come back to GameMaker again every time, although Construct does look promising.
Anyway, in terms of my experiments things are pretty good. As I said I've been focusing on 3D and multiplayer, both new ground for me. 3D gives a whole new spin on things and a new way of seeing the world, as well as the opportunity to utilise new game mechanics and atmosphere. I've been working mainly on a project currently called Dogmeat, a 3D horror game which to be honest I'm struggling to get into alpha, not because of teachnical issues but because I'm not sure where to go with it, so clearly I need to get more design done on it.
In regards to multiplayer, I had an idea for what I considered to be a totally amazing game, but then realised it was way beyond my current technical capabilities, and decided to to a proof of concept experiment for it. That's my other project atm, a splitscreen multiplayer game, also horror themed.
I've also continued playing around with procedural generation but have nothing much to report other than I'm trying to make something small and replayable with it.
Other than that, I think as I've called this blog my 'Game Design Dungeon', I should really write about it a bit more, and I'm planning on doing so in the near future. May as well actually give some thought to what I consider a real interest.
More soon chaps and chappettes!

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