Friday, 21 May 2010

Been a while

Been a long time since I posted anything here. It's not that nothing's been happening, I've just neglected communications. I've released 2 games in my non speaky time, BBBBBB and SD10. BBBBBB was my entry into Braingale's Butlers Competition, but it came last. This kind of sucked, but to be fair it was a rushed project and I did a lot of things I'd never tried before- lighting effects and procedural levels for example. The game, although I'm not entirely pleased with it, was certainly something I could learn from.
SD10 was intended to be my entry into the EGP '10 Seconds' contest, but I ran out of time to work on it. Rather than do what I'd done with BBBBBB and release an unfinished, half baked game, I decided to ignore the competition and just spend some time polishing it up and making it generally more presentable and playable. It also used procedural levels, although it does a much better job than BBBBBB mainly due to increased experience in the process as well as not having to account for physics. I'm really pleased with SD10 and would be grateful if anybody could give it a go and give me some feedback.

Some information about them both-
BBBBBB (Butler Basement Booze Bottle Bringing Bonanza) is a platformer with procedural levels, in which you play as a butler exploring a basement in order to try and find three bottles of wine to bring back to your boss. It's a kind of mixed up affair due to the time limit, for example rather than an actual tutorial I thought I'd explain the game through song on the title screen. Don't really remember why but it's certainly something different.

SD10 is a frantic arena shooter with procedural maps. The aim of the game is to blast through enemies and walls in order to hit a switch, which then opens up the level exit. Allowing you to escape. If you take longer than 10 seconds on a level, you DIE! It's simple to learn and very action packed.

In other news, I lost my job just over a month ago. This sucks. If I weren't also planning a wedding, I would have pretty much nothing to do. Today I got a letter telling me I only get half JSA because Anna has a student loan, which is just such bullshit. I'm not at all happy with the situation, but I'm hoping to find work soon so I don't have to be worrying about it any more.

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