Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Duck with Strawberry Jam

Yesterday I attended the GameCity5 Strawberry Game Jam. Myself and a bunch of other guys hung out in a restaurant for a while and made some games, although I didn't get to talk to everybody as much as I'd have liked as nobody was really sure what was going on. Anyway, we jammed for 3 hours, and I came up with this-

Where's my Ducklings?

The theme, as you may have guesssed, was Duck. I'm quite proud that due to my utilisation of GameMaker, I was the only one to create a fully functioning game, although the other guys came up with really interesting prototypes as well. I had a blast and would totally do it again if given the opportunity.

In other news, work on Dread presses on and is going well. I'm also considering reviving Thalidomide and PsychoNoir as well, as I see those as having some real potential and not being especially difficult to work into full games. But Dread of course comes first, so we'll have to see.

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