Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Operation Chiroptera- Postponed

I've decided that I've not been working fast enough and Operation Chiroptera: Return to the Cave, is going to be postponed, therefore I won't be entering YoYo's competition 05. I've been more interested on playing around with other projects, which is pretty fun. I still plan on working on Operation Chiroptera, but for now it's having a break.
Other news:
Released a game for Braingale's Butler competition the other day. I didn't finish quite in time so it's a bit rough, after the comp ends I'll release a more polished version to the general public.
Other stuff I'm working on-
PsychoNoir: A neo-noir style psychially themed run n gun where you don't have any guns, but can fling objects about and reflect bullets.
Dread: A really small scifi metroidvania that'd only take around 20 minutes to play through.
Self Destruct Sequence Activated: A game for the new EGP "You have only 10 seconds" competition, a procedural arena shooter in which you have 10 seconds to complete every level.

That's it for now! I'll update again when BBBBBB can be released.

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