Friday, 8 January 2010

YoYo Comp 05

Hi again. As usual I'm going to tell everybody here that I'm starting work on a new game, and for a competition nontheless. Entering Comp 05 on YoYo I am, a competition to make a handheld suitable game, and despite some restrictions that are obviously far below the specs of current handhelds, it looks like a competition that's right up my metaphorical alley.
I'm going to do a sequel to One Night In The Cave, with obvious expansions on everything within, as it was a mere 2 hour game. However, I learnt a lot from it and it was fun to make, so a sequel should allow me to realise the potential behind the concept.
Not much work done over christmas, I was busy with awesome things like Rock Band, Borderlands, and Resident Evil 5, as well as some great new tunes from Rammstein and some old classics like NIN and The Human League, as well as the obvious partying that comes from the festive season.

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