Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Implant

I wrote a short story the other day. It was really hot. Don't really know what it's about. Not game related but I felt the need to show it somewhere anyway. It's pretty horrible.

I'm awake and my brain hurts. I look around me but it's dark. I can hear water dripping and wherever I am it smells of damp and rot. I seem to be lying down but I feel dizzy and the darkness makes it hard to discern my orientation. As I attempt to move I feel unable, as if held by some invisible force- I certainly can't feel any straps or restraints but in the back of my head it feels like somebody has been hitting me with a hammer for hours.
My skull starts to ache and tingling sensation starts all over my body. I feel like it's becoming harder to breathe and my heart is pumping and my head is pounding and my mind is pulsing and something is happening to me.
As I walk through the park in the lazy summer sunlight that comes in the evening I can smell the recently mown grass and feel the soft ground beneath my bare feet. Never has a day been so glorious as this and as the brass band plays overlooking the picnic goers I feel like I could not be happier than I am now and then everything turns black.
I don't know where I am and it feels like I'm falling. Everything hurts. This darkness terrifies me and I shake with fear and begin to cry, but no noise will comne out of my mouth and I cannot call for help.
A voice comes from the darkness telling me 'everything's okay' and I kind of want to believe whoever it is because I don't think I could take it if it wasn't. In the endless black that seems to be around me all I can see is my own despair, nothing seems right and my throat feels as if it could burst from my need to scream out.
Then I'm underwater but it's alright because I can still breathe and the blue ocean is mine for the taking. There seem to be no boundaries here, no walls or restraints or paralysis or control, just the endless wonders of the deep and the currents of the planet. I think I was upset a minute ago but perhaps my tears created this wonderful ocean, therefore perhaps my sadness has birthed something good and it wasn't a bad feeling after all. I swim with all the effort I can muster and seem to be moving faster than anything else, the colours of the fish and plantlife blurring into a fantastic shimmering rainbow. I see a shark homing into bit me but I'm not afraid of it, I throw a punch with my powerful right arm and it explodes into a mass of stars and fairly lights and red ribbon which move independently of the water's influence. I move up to the surface to look at the wonder of the sun but as my head reaches the surface something goes terribly wrong.
My body shakes and squirms, something is coming out of my stomach and I'm choking on it, the world is a nightmare. The world flips upside down and my vomit is pouring down onto the floor from out of my nose and mouth. I seem to be able to move without restraint now and as the room continues to barrel roll I struggle to my feet and look around, nothing but a faint amber glow in the distance. I walk forwards slowly, towards the light, shivering from both the ordeal I've been through and the bitter cold that now seems to stick to my apparently nude figure.
As I walk I feel the tugging in the back of my head, where I was in such pain forever ago and reach to find what could be causing it. A metallic attachment, some sort of cable, screws into my skull. As I pull further against it my brain feels like it's going to be wrenched out of my head if I'm not careful. It'm desperate to escape and almost have a fit as I panic trying to think of a way to get out of wherever I might be. Shaking with anger, I turn and put the cable into my mouth, biting down on it in an attempt to perhaps sever it and myself from the attachment to this place.
As my teeth cut the cord my head fills with colour and sound and a million tiny dots the size of planets swirl in every direction as every sound known to man screeches through my eyes in one second and then the world all seems a bit more real than it was split seconds ago.
I run as fast as I can but I'm in bullet time and the amber light seems to be only getting further away or perhaps dimmer and as I can no longer control my need to escape I finally manage to scream and blood or some other useful substance sprays out of my mouth and I fall into oblivion.
I'm in a world where everybody is screaming with either ecstasy or terror and the light is brighter than the sun and my eyes feel like they're burning away and I cannot close them to keep the light from flowing into my brain and gently toasting it. The truth, as some might call it, is slipping away and feels unimportant as I go blind from the situation and all I care about is nothing in particular and though the back of my head no longer hurts I have a feeling that something far more sinister is happening to me. I can move my body but it won't listen to my abstract commands and I don't want to live for one more second but perhaps everything will be okay if I just

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