Monday, 14 December 2009


Forgot about the Ludum Dare 16 until it was already 24 hour in, and my Fiance had uni work to do so didn't have computer access the entire day, therefore missed out on the competition. Such a good theme too.
In other news-
Vermin is going very well. I get a bit done on it most days, I'm not bored of it yet, and I think it'll be very interesting to play when it's finished.
Swamp Fever hasn't seen much attention since I put the AI engine in place, but that's also because I've not realy had computer access.
All my other projects have sort of ground to a halt, with a view to carrying on with them whenever I can be bothered.
Also, I break up from work on Friday and have 2 weeks off for Christmas! Hopefully this means I'll have the time available to finish one of my games at least and release it in time as a sort of Christmas present from me to the world. I'm also hoping to finish my album in that time too, so as well as games there shall be music for people to enjoy/hate/not even notice.
See you soon folks!

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