Friday, 14 August 2009

An unleashing, and a matter of self determination

Simplifire Part 2: SALOONS OF DEATH

I finished SALOONS OF DEATH, my new game yesterday. It was developed for the Experimental Gameplay Project 'Bare Minimum' contest. As Simplifire was an attempt to simplify the way we interact with certain shooter games, I decided I would take a few old ideas I had and massively rework them to create this.
right click on empty space to set target
left click to shoot
right click on self to perform context sensitive actions such as opening doors.
Press F4 for fullscreen, it's recommended due to the nature of the game and how small the window is.
It also uses only 3 colours.
I'm quite pleased with it, and hope you enjoy it.
More importantly, it has been decided that I'm taking a month off from both gaming in general and game development. To be honest, though I didn't realise it, I've been putting games before far more important things in my life for a while now, and it can't continue. This month will allow me to experience my time without them, to give more attention to more important aspects of my life, do many more varied things and generally get a better grip on my life. I will be back of course, with gaming and development being my main hobby, but for a month I am going silent.
Enjoy the new game, and I'll see you in a month.

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