Monday, 20 July 2009

Keep moving forward

After releasing H0MER, which was great fun making in one day, I'm moving back onto larger projects. I want to work in more depth and narrative as well as some real level design into my current projects. I have about 6 projects lurking around in my head at the moment, only 2 of which I see myself seriously working on in the near future. But have no fear, this should simply mean that my final products are of far higher quality than previous efforts.
I was on holiday last week too, so I couldn't do much more than design anyway, although I certainly did a lot of that. I noticed that a great many of my ideas are oriented largely around exploration, so I really ought to get around to actually releasing one based on that.
Oh, on that note, Harry Bones is going well. I'm really impressing myself with how much better of a coder I am now than a year ago.

Anyway, have a list of names of games I'm either working on or designing at the moment, most of which you'll probably never hear of again.
Harry Bones and the Dusty Dungeon
World Of Wonders
Stranded Astronaut
Cosmiccer Trigger Bomber
Dead Star

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