Thursday, 9 July 2009

Game in a day: HOMER

New game time people, made this one in a single day, started in free time at work, then finished it when I got home. I quite like it, and it helped me learn a few little graphical effects and some very basic AI. I also realised that even in abstract games, some small narrative does go a long way, so maybe I'll include more in future.

Anyway, it's called HOMER, seeing as all the weapons in the game home in on their targets.
Move with arrow keys.
Fire with X.
Use C to create a reflective sheild for a moment
The key to success is utilising the reflective sheild. If you deflect an attack it will be ready to use again alost immediately, but if you're too early you'll have to wait a moment to use it again, and if you're too late you'll be damaged.

The reflective sheild is an idea I was working on in a previous project, but it works much better how I've done it here.

I think I managed to get through this in one day because after reading all the articles in this week's Escapist about indie gaming I was really psyched up. It was fun to do, and I can see why lots of indie developers enjoy the rapid prototyping process.

PS Also, what the hell is going on with my font on here, something is seriously wonky with the text editor methinks.

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