Saturday, 6 June 2009

See The Future

I've had lot of interesting ideas recently, and whilst many of them are superpower or supernaturally based, the most exciting one for my is this new platformer I've started to work on.

I've never made a platformer before, or even really started, as I've never been able to get my head around programming the physics involved. However, I think I've finally cracked it, and as I'm so pleased with this achievement, I'd like to comment on what may be my next major project.

It's a metroidvania style platformer; thematically and settings wise very similar to the excellent La Mulana (if you've not played it, check it out, it's fantastic). I've always loved platformers, and with my all time favourite game being Super Metroid I've always wanted to make something of a similar style, and now I finally feel like I can. It's pretty exciting I must say.

Anyway, it's current title is Harry Bones and the Dusty Dungeon. this is obviously subject to change, but I'm seriously psyched about this one. It's also probably going to be the first project that I'll post updates on during it's development, as well as demos so you guys can give me feedback.

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