Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Harry Bones, a small demo

Thought I'd release a demo showing the current progress of Harry Bones and the Dusty Dungeon. It's not really anything from what I've got planned, just a large test room in which you can grab a number of the pieces of equipment that will be in the full version, and see what their effects are. There are also some environmental hazards and enemies to be seen, although you can't die and there's no attacking ability yet :)
Anyway, controls are pretty straightforward-
Arrow keys move, X fires the grappling hook when you get it.

So you know what the items are you're getting, I'll give you some information.
Grappling Hook- Allows Harry to propel himself forwards and upwards, clearing long gaps and pulling him out of quicksand
Spring Boots- Greatly boost Harry's jumping capacity
Quicksilver Greaves- Boost Harry's movement speed
Surface Soles- Allows Harry to walk on the surface of hazardous materials without harm.

Harry Bones Demo

Enjoy, next time I post a demo there'll be a great deal more to see.


  1. Interesting. Kind of reminded me of spelunky.
    The demo was pretty cool, and their was a good variety of items.

  2. Thanks, I've tried to some up with some interesting items to use.
    The next demo will have a much larger play area, with items and enemies laid out in a design more like that I'm aiming for, with the items being required for specific challenges etc.